Adventurefuel is stoked to welcome My Latest Sponsors.


I am absolutely stoked to welcome my Sponsors for 2018. Looking forward to The Oregon Megaloop these guys will be keeping me going through my most exposed and technical expedition yet. I have weeks of hard singletrack riding through possible rain storms and strong winds in the Cascade Mountains. Then long days in the deserts of Central Oregon. My equipment and my bike are going to be absolutely on point! So, with out further fear mongering I would like to welcome my new sponsors!



Mot Bike Co

These guys saved my ass on the Offroad Aotearoa with a well needed service and a tyre change. Now I have them as my mechanics and sponsors, fine tuning my rig and sorting out my tools and equipment. Super stoked to have them as my new local bike shop too now I have moved up to Motueka to train for The Oregon Megaloop.



I have been a huge fan of there hydration bags, using them when I was biking and snowboarding in Canada. Pumped to have them on board as I ride in their own backyard in Oregon. Their gear has been proven to be tough and reliable and ready to be thrashed by yours truly!


Time Headwear

Now that my hairline is receding faster than the icecaps, these guys have become my must have. I use their flexifit cap for all of my trail running and mountain climbing. For The Oregon Megaloop, I am taking their wool beanie for the cold nights.

Glad to have you on board guys!