Adventurefuel now has a Adventurefuel Saddle Bags!


Yea, that’s right, I am fully converted to the powers of the bikepacking style of packing. After doing Offroad Aotearoa I am now only going to use the Saddlebag, Frame bag, Handlebar bag combination. So I got in touch with some people who called some people, and here we have it!

The first, of possibly a whole bikepacking range…The Adventurefuel Saddle Bag!

For Europe Customers

Adventurefuel Saddle Bag

For New Zealand Customers

Available from June! Watch this space or message me directly!


Just a few details of the new bag;

Adjustable from 3L to 10L

Multiple Zip Pockets

10L of Packing Space

I hope you enjoy them! I am also working on environmentally friendly version. Watch this space!