Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

This website isn’t just about telling my tales from the road, there is a serious side too. My brother killed himself back in the summer of 2016. It was a complete shock,  he had never mentioned he was depressed. Part of my Offroad Aotearoa Expedition was to come to terms with this loss. I also started fundraising for mental health then continued my fundraising with my next expedition The Southern Highlands Traverse.

Some wounds never heal and some memories never fade. Every adventure I do, I do in with him in mind, because I know he would have loved to be there with me.

So I try to make a difference in the best way I can. For each expedition I raise funds and awareness for Suicide Prevention. For Off Road Aotearoa we raised $4500! Great effort lets keep up the good work!

So if you would like to donate please follow this link:

Adventurefuel’s Justgiving Page


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