The view of Queenstown from the Remarkables Range

What I love most is being outside, deep in nature. Testing myself with adventures and exploring beautiful, wild places.

And I, like any person who is truly passionate, want to share these experiences. I want you to feel how I feel when I see the mountains. I truly believe that we would all be happier if we got outside and adventured more.

So, how can I do that? How can I get more people to come and join me?

The only way I know, by telling my stories. This is what this blog is for. For me to tell my tales from the wild.

If you just like to read them from the comfort of your living room, great!

If you read and feel that urge to get out there but not just yet, even better, keep reading!

And if you read them, and then you go out and have your own adventures, then perfect, that’s amazing!

That’s my real goal.

So, this is me, recounting and reliving my adventures, I hope you enjoy it and I hope it fuels your own adventure.

Lewis Adventurefuel

Lewis Adventurefuel, just your average goofy, ginger-bearded guy.